Senior Questionnaire Contact Form

Hey hey hey! Glad you made it here. I am so so so excited to meet you and create some magic with you! 

But first things first, congratulations on making it to your last year!

I know this is a super important part of your life, big things are happening, you've changed a lot over the past three years, and you're going to change even more over the next five or so...but it's all good! 

You may be wondering why everyone does this weird thing called senior photos... And in case you're wondering, I'll give you the in:

Senior photos are meant to document this time in your life. Like I said before, you've changed a lot, and you will change a lot. The person you are RIGHT NOW is going to go through a lot, and it's always a good thing to document what you've been through and who you are at this moment. That is the reason why senior photos are taken, they are meant to document the person you are, and I think that's super beautiful.

 My senior sessions are super fun, and usually full of adventuring and laughter, just like they should be, so don't worry about a thing! 

All you need to do now that you know why you're doing this thing, is fill out the following form and questionnaire, and I will get back to you shortly with my packages + pricing, and we can start creating this magic!

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