Self Portraits || 4/27sweet seventeensweet seventeen

My name is Rachel. I'm seventeen, and a midwest photographer based in Wisconsin.

I love to photograph everything, design web pages, put together outfits, shoot and edit videos, and sew.

Laughing and staying up late are musts, Autumn is my favorite season. I love rainy days. Going to sleep while it's thunderstorming is the best. I like to sit in a cozy blanket when it's cold out, and work on my computer (whether it be designing a website, editing photos & videos, blogging, or playing a game). I love children, instagram, and the Avenger movies. On the more romantic side, Pride & Prejudice (BBC version) and The Young Victoria are beautiful. Both the Downey and Cumberbatch Sherlocks are epic films. In my free time, you can usually find me listening to music & working on some kind of project. But most importantly, I'm a sinner saved by the grace of God.

This is who I am. Who are you?
 photo line_zpse5f0dc84.png

When I snap a photo, I'm capturing art.

My art is an expression of myself, I like to find something beautiful, and show how it appears to me.

My goal, when taking photos of people, is to show them as I see them. Every person is unique, unlike any other. Every person has had a different life, has had to face different problems, has had to work through different situations, and has come through them changed and stronger. Maybe there are a few scars left from them, but those are beautiful, too, because they show that you did have a hard time, but you didn't give up. Even though your life, at times, can be messy, and hard, and cruel, you'll look back on all that you've been through, and know that it was worth it. Your story is all over you, you're living and breathing it.

You have a beautiful story, you are a beautiful person. I want to tell that story through my art.