i am an adventurer, a dreamer, a creator. 

i feel most alive when i am out chasing my dreams, wherever that may take me, near or far, it's all the same. travelling, seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people; i am always up for an adventure. 

creating, no matter what it may be, keeps the passion alive and strong. or maybe i should say that creating keeps me alive and strong, because that is a more true reality. 

created to create. why? because i was created for a greater purpose than to just see this beautiful world that we live in. i was created, specifically, by a God who knows and loves every bit of me, and the reason for that, is to show who He is by how i view the world, to create beauty through the eyes and with the hands that He gave me. every person is different, and i was created with a great capacity to create, and so i create.

i am a firm believer that moments matter. your moments matter.

these moments you're living right now are so important, they are your history, your legacy, and they are absolutely beautiful, and that is something that you should remember, that your children or family and friends should remember. 

my art is so much more than just pretty photos to look at, my art is you. the beautiful human that you are, your unique personality, your scars and trials, they all make you who you are, and i want to show that off, because everyone should have the opportunity to know such a radiant human.

you're living some kind of crazy wonderful story, i am a storyteller, and i want to tell that story through my art and to the world.

All photos are self portraits, taken by Rachel Nicole